About us

pipe & weld italy is a company specialized in the manufacture and sale of portable and large ovens for welding electrode and flux drying and keeping, as well as a distributor and supplier of equipments and accessories for pipe processing.

The company has a long experience, in welding and piping and constructions sector increased over the years by the expertise of the people who compose it and their ability to tackle the problems and analyze solutions to offer. 

The matured experience, which has always marked the most prepared technicians in this industry, means that the company can guarantee a constant assistance for the choice of the most suitable products and solve the most difficult issues submitted by the customers.

Oil & Gas Pipelines, Offshore platforms, Petrochemical Plants, Shipbuilding are the sectors where its activity is more successful.

Welding ovens, consumables, automatic and semi-automatic machineries for welding, pipe processing equipments, hot and cold pipe cutting machines, bevellers, clamps, centering and reshaping devices for pipes are the materials which the company offers to distributors and the most prestigious customers in Italy and abroad with whom it keeps on daily profitable trade relationship.

The company is able to procure and supply reliable machinery and hardy equipment for best providing the customers with the necessary competitiveness and deal with day-to-day work problems.


Forni per la saldatura


Lavorazione e preparazione tubi

pipe working and preparation equipments

Pipe & Weld Italy è una azienda specializzata nella costruzione, distribuzione e vendita di attrezzature e prodotti per la saldatura


Headquarters and Offices:
Via G.Mazzini, 61
20871 Vimercate (MB) Italy

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e-mail sales office: sales@pwitaly.com
e-mail administrative office: amministrazione@pwitaly.com
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